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NSX was founded as a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp in 2011 to apply and further develop the scientific research on Normalized Systems on an industrial scale. NSX operates in different sectors (including government, financial sector, manufacturing, and energy), and in different countries (Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom). Currently, about 100 applications are live in production, mostly mission-critical, ranging from administrative to technical/industrial systems. Some examples include energy monitoring, IoT and smart city applications, service gateways and privacy engines, administrative and VAT related systems, integration, and document platforms.


Together with our partners and customers, NSX realizes innovative solutions where mainstream technologies and frameworks like agile project management, DevOps, continuous improvement, integrated testing, micro-services are incorporated. We strive to make our clients self-reliant once in production and invest heavily in knowledge transfer. Currently, NSX engages about 50 highly skilled professionals, has partnerships with national and international ICT companies, and collaborates intensely with a dedicated NS competence center in the Netherlands.

NSX Main Office

Science Park Antwerp University, Building Darwin
Galileilaan 15, 2845 Niel

Antwerp City Office

The Beacon
Sint-Pietersvliet 7, 2000 Antwerp

Boston Office

One Broadway
Cambridge MA 02142

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