NS Development Tools

NSX has developed a suite of development tools to assist organizations during the systems development process of information systems based on Normalized Systems Theory.


The NS Modeler allows the software analysts and designers to draw in an interactive way the various models of the software systems.

More specifically, the analyst is able to draw data models, similar to Entity-Relationship Diagrams, and workflows as state machines.

The NS Prime Radiant provides a unique overview and control over the various information systems, decoupling the four dimensions of variability: analysis models, skeleton versions, utility frameworks, and custom craftings.

Moreover, it is the Prime Radiant who unlocks the continuous regeneration and rejuvenation that leads to the unseen evolvability of NS software.

Based on the data and flow models, the NS Expanders will expand the various elements, and generate the software skeleton of the information system.

This application skeleton is highly evolvable, as it is guaranteed to be free of combinatorial effects.

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