NS Foundation Lectures

The foundational lectures on Normalized Systems Theory.

From using systems theory to study the design cycle as a dynamic system, all the way to continuous software rejuvenation and the realization of meta-circular expansion.

NS Foundation - Lecture 1

The Design Cycle as
a Dynamic System

NS Foundation - Lecture 2

Design Theorems for
Software Stability

NS Foundation - Lecture 3

The Concept of Software Element Structures

NS Foundation - Lecture 4

On Expansion, Harvesting, and Rejuvenation

NS Foundation - Lecture 5

The Concept of Software Element Structures

NS Foundation - Lecture 6

On Dimensions of Variability and Evolvability

NS Expansion Tutorials

The complete set of tutorials on the inner workings of the NSX platform.

From the detailed structures of the elements and expanders, to the architecture of the default stack and the creation of expanders based on new meta-models.

NSX Platform Tutorial 1

From Element Structures to Implementation Classes

NSX Platform Tutorial 2

Artifact Expansion Based on Models and Declarative Control

NSX Platform Tutorial 3

The Default Expander Stack for Web Information Systems

NSX Platform Tutorial 1

Inside the Meta-Circular Core of the Prime Meta-Model