Integration Hubs

In service-oriented IT landscapes, integration is a crucial corner stone. However, integration is a domain extremely vulnerable to combinatorial effects. While standard solutions may be sufficient for simple integration efforts, complex integration platforms require more advanced mechanisms to control these combinatorial effects.

NSX offers the possibility to apply the power of flexible code generators to the domain of complex, heterogeneous integration problems. The flexible code generation tools allow organizations to base these integration platforms on their own native concepts and terminology. At the same time, the evolvable nature of NS applications enables these platforms to grow over time, and to adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Some cases

Eandis Flex Data Hub

The flexible data hub or “FlexHub” is aimed at enabling energy providers to realize the flexibility potential of the grid. It integrates the existing applications of the various distributors, and performs the necessary computations and controls, that enable the transmission system operator to perform the necessary settlements and clearances.

Normalized Systems eXploration

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