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Many organizations are striving to address their IT needs with a structured application landscape based on reusable building blocks. Others are trying to extend their IT landscape full of packages and services with reliable and mission critical custom development.

NSX tools and methodologies offer the productivity of code generation tools combined with the unique evolvability of NS applications during both development and the entire lifecycle. The evolvable nature of NS applications, including the unique feature of rejuvenation, enables these application landscapes to grow and adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape.

Some cases

NS Competence Center

The Center for Application Development and Maintenance (B-CAO) of the Dutch Tax Office wants to be a reference in application development, building sustainable and easy to maintain applications for happy customers. Within this department, a Normalized Systems Competence Center (CCNS) has been set and grown over the last couple of years. Currently, the CCNS consists of 45 people and has delivered more than 10 applications into production.

NS Engines for ACPaaS

The Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS) has been developed by Digipolis to collect and unlock digital services for the city of Antwerp and its inhabitants. ACPaaS contains a whole set of engines that can be consistently re-used to support the development of various data and application services, both in administrative domains and in an Internet of Things context. NSX has contributed to the development of numerous ACPaaS engines.

Normalized Systems eXploration

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