SEMCITY SEMCITY will generate a language-independent ontology for Public Administrations and City Councils based on Artificial Intelligence and next-gen Natural Language Processing technology. The vision is to provide an automated and human-centred tool to ensure semantic conformance with the EU Core Vocabularies of any type of unstructured decision in any language. This way Public Administrations […]

Nederlandse Belastingsdienst

Normalized System Competence Center (NSCC) Founded in 2016 Currently 50 professionals divided over 7 teams More then 10 information systems have been developed and put in production (taxes, customs, wages) Initiation and starting development of site-specific meta-models and NSCC expanders in 2018 Quality audits and dashboard designed by SIG for normalized systems applications Normalized Systems […]


Context Central clinical research database to optimize primary and interdisciplinary health care outside office hours in Antwerp Stage 1: custom-built application by iCAREdata itself Expensive development and maintenance Stage 2: step-in NSX Recreated the application in a few weeks No problems with maintaining the application Wetenschappelijk onderzoek vereist de mogelijkheid om voortschrijdend inzicht snel in […]


Context Zipster is a digital referral platform that helps healthcare providers refer patients to local welfare actors. Based on a psychosocial survey of the patient, the healthcare provider can detect the patient’s support needs via Zipster and initiate a referral to the appropriate local supportive welfare actors. Dankzij NSX konden we snel en klein beginnen. […]


Context Responsum Toolbox for the DPO and CISO Privacy Security Data management Challenge: Manage versions and variants of laws and standards in order to stay compliant characteristics Customer product: Privacy & Data Management toolbox Domain: Auditing systems Reusable components: Multitenancy expanders Versioning expanders Integration: Moodle online learning platform Third party user interface Scalability: For every […]


Context Independent organization for real estate estimates Scaling of innovation: NS application for real estate estimates has become a Real Estate ERP with a data warehouse and integrations with multiple third party structured and non-structured data sources characteristics Product Suite: Real estate ERP & Data Warehouse Domain: Administrative system Reusable components: CRM module Google login […]


Context Randstad HR services Replacing and migrating software for internal organisational planning Manage organisation structure and employee information Development of own expanders, continuous regeneration USP integration of 10 backend systems We kunnen elke dag regenereren als den Harry iets wil wijzigen. Christophe De Clercq, Randstad characteristics Product Suite: Internal organisation system Domain: Administrative system Reusable […]


Context Enabling medical services through drone transport: Need for a flight- and Control Center to monitor and control drones Need for an integration platform between hospitals, medical labs, insurance companies, airspace authorities, … NSX as partner in Helicus Aero Initiative consortium characteristics Customer product: Command & Control Center Integration Platform Domain: Internet of Things Administrative […]


Fluvius is the Belgian network operator of electricity and natural gas. challenge Ensure that supply and demand for energy are always aligned Collaboration between distribution network operators, transport network operators, … Context “Datahub” for Belgian electricity network Zie hier mijn ontwikkel-departement, het is één programmeur. Patrick Reyniers, Fluvius characteristics Customer product: FlexDataHub, used for settlements […]


Context ACPaaS consists of multiple engines, some created by NSX Output Generator: engine for document generation Digital Vault: document storing and sharing Jullie zijn onze beste technische leverancier en we waarderen ook de menselijke samenwerking. Nicolas Uzelac, Digipolis, 2017 characteristics Multiple projects: ACPaaS consist of reusable engines for developers to integrate with NSX has built […]