Scaling of Innovations

The IT world evolves at an incredible pace, with new developments in areas like IoT, Blockchain, micro-services, and many others. At the same time, new developments and initiatives in any domain, like mobility or sustainable energy, require information systems to support their operations.

NSX integrates new innovations in IT into state-of the art evolvable application structures. In this way, both the innovative technologies and their application to new domain initiatives, are scaled to the next level. It is proven that NS applications are evolvable, which gives new technologies the opportunity to be deployed in large scale production environments, guaranteeing a long term impact, and resulting in an efficient and optimized IT landscape.

Some cases

Cast4All Solar Solutions

Cast4All NV develops and operates monitoring systems to provide affordable, robust, and scalable energy monitoring for residential photovoltaic systems and zero-energy buildings operated by professional organizations. Their software currently supports more than 28.000 installations.

Helicus Aero Initiative

The Helicus Aero Initiative is aimed at enabling fast, reliable, affordable and qualitative medical transport such as biological samples and medicines between health care centers. To overcome the limitations of traditional ground transport, risking traffic congestion and road accidents, critical medical cargo will be carried by drones.

Normalized Systems eXploration

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