Mobile Green Energy System

(Vlaio project HBC.2018.0425 from 01/10/2019 until 31/08/2019)

NSX is part of the innovation project MGES together with Medef Consulting, ACT Research, Karybel, Creamo Sustainable Business Creation, KBC Bank, and UGent.

The goal of this innovation project: after the identification of potential applications in the city and harbor determine also measuring campaigns to analyze the real usage of diesel generators at events and examine the regulatory framework for electrical and mechanical aspects and the possible business models. The main focus will be on the exploration of suitable technologies for storage, inverters, mechanical construction, integration capabilities, and cloud applications followed by a first electrical and mechanical design.

Expected impact of the results:

  1. Impact for enterprise and knowledge partners: all new parties will gain new knowledge and insights around the possibilities of mobile applications that support the electricity needs for secondary merits. The consortium expects to initiate a new company that will commercialize the product and where the different partners will take ownership or serve as a preferred supplier. Currently, the City of Antwerp has been identified as the leading customer.
  2. Importance for a bigger group of companies in Flanders: The collaboration between a number of starting members of this cluster creates positive dynamics to realize wider support, and to stimulate innovation and economic growth that will serve Flanders. In the mobile green energy system, different components will be integrated that come from Flemish companies like e.g. ABB. The applications will serve as a clear answer for Flemish cities, governments, and events.
  3. Fitting into the competitivity targets/roadmaps of the cluster: the project has a closed link to the deepening and sustainability of the energy sector and is part of all innovation targets of the cluster. A mobile battery system will be used in harbors, microgrids/multi-energy areas, and with the intelligent renovation of houses. The IoT part will be part of the energy cloud platform. It serves as a relevant solution for electrification problems.
  4. Contribution to energy transition Flanders: the sustainability of mobile and emergency generators that are applicable for different applications and network support services, offers the cities and governments the possibility to implement the electrification process without making initial major investments.

NSX’s main goal in this project is to design and prototype the control system of a mobile green energy system. Offering a wide range of possibilities like e.g. invoicing, monitoring, controlling, etc. A mobile system will be equipped with a 2G or 4G gateway and with (modbus) sensors and actuators. 

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