The many faces of evolvability

Innovation. Scale. Growth. Personalization. Agility.


The rate of change is ever-increasing and demands evolvability. Efficiently adapting to rapid developments facilitates creativity and innovations beyond imagination.


In order to expand your expertise, evolvability is a must. Changes that need to be implemented at full scale should be effortless and not bounded by the size of the system.


Maximize your potential by adapting quickly to change. Evolvability enlarges your ability to innovate and scale, and creates an environment for targeted growth.


Create a personalized experience throughout the full customer journey. Adapting to the needs and demands of individual customers is possible by grasping evolvability at the core.


Being able to move quickly and easily, that’s what evolvability is all about. Cope with changes by being agile and unlock the power of evolvability in your organization.

This can be realized with a new kind of modularity... Normalized Systems

Normalized Systems (NS) are new modular structures with unique evolvability characteristics where combinatorial effects are systematically controlled or eliminated. It is based on scientific research by Prof. dr. Herwig Mannaert and Prof. dr. Jan Verelst performed at the University of Antwerp.

Realize unseen levels of evolvability based on continuous regeneration and rejuvenation of software, thanks to the NSX development tools, the NS Modeler, the NS Expanders and the NS Prime radiant. These development tools combine insights from agile methodologies, continuous integration, aspect-oriented programming and other state of the art techniques, leading ultimately to the systematic elimination of combinatorial effects. This enables a highly powerful software product line, combining short-term flexibility with long-term continuous rejuvenation.

The evolvability realized in this way exhibits many aspects, like productivity gains in dealing with changes, but also scalability, testability, reliability, security, reuse and much more.

More information on Normalized Systems Theory and the documentation.

NSX offers 3 unique software solutions

Software Factories

Create a software factory to build in an industrial way applications that support your core business strategy, and that are able to evolve over time.

Integration Hubs

Design and build integration platforms that enable your organization to absorb integration issues, and to offer flexibilty to the business.

Scaling of Innovations

Enable sweeping new developments in areas like IoT or Blockchain, to scale rapidly from small-scale prototypes to wide-scale industrial adoption.

We want to assist organizations who

Are striving to achieve...

  • IT landscapes that are evolvable and don’t cause perturbation
  • Flexible Integrations between all IT components
  • Innovative adaption of new technologies at their own pace
  • IT architectures that rejuvenate constantly
  • Controlled low maintenance effort
  • Shortened application development lifecycle

But often tell us that...

  • Their IT systems suffer degradation over time and become static legacy systems
  • They struggle to meet audit-, governance and compliance goals, including security…
  • They have difficulties in updating mission-critical applications/systems
  • Their enterprise architectures suffer from complexity increases, scaling and integration issues and spiraling maintenance budgets
  • They struggle to make their organizational structure modular

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